A Welcome Message From Governor Markell

Delaware is constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to move forward, especially when it comes to bringing in new businesses on the cutting edge of technology and growing and educating our workforce.

But unlike other states, when we move forward, we do so together. We turn a blind eye to partisan politics while keeping our focus squarely on creating a better world for our children and their children.

That’s the Delaware way.

And that’s what has propelled us in doing all that we can to ensure that businesses large and small not only survive, but thrive, regardless of the economic climate.

We’ve done it through innovative business financing strategies and programs like the Delaware Strategic Fund, Tax-Exempt Bond Financing and The Delaware Capital Access Program, which combine to help secure loans or financing for companies looking to relocate to or expand in Delaware.

We’ve done it by continuing to be one of the lowest business cost locations with one of the best tax climates in the nation, and by leading the U.S. in improving workers compensation insurance premiums.

And we are planting the seeds now so that we can do it well into the future by focusing on goals with far-reaching, long-term economic impact. Improving education and developing renewable energy have been top priorities since my administration took office in early 2009.

Delaware is DuPont, and Astra Zeneca, and Nemours and Christiana Care. It’s the home of tax-free shopping, five-star beaches, acres upon acres of preserved natural beauty and a rich history captured and documented at renowned museums and sites. Our strengths are aerospace and aviation, green and material sciences, biotechnology and banking and financial institutions, but our backbone is also the small start-up or the 50-year-old mom-and-pop company.

We hope you will join us in this vibrant and growing state where innovation is driving a revitalization and transformation of our economy.

All are welcome. That, too, is the Delaware way.