Corporate Capital of the World

Delaware is the legal home to nearly one million business entities, including more than half of all U.S. publicly traded companies and 60 percent of Fortune 500 firms. Known as the “corporate capital of the world,” the state is home to the nation’s most preeminent Court of Chancery and is known for having one of the best legal systems in the country for businesses.

We’re also known as the state where the vast majority of U.S. initial public offerings (IPOs) start — in 2011, 86 percent of all new IPOs incorporated here. The latest of these include Dunkin’ Brands, Zynga, HCA Holdings and Groupon. In addition, two major Fortune 500 companies, the DuPont Company and Sallie Mae (SLM Corp.), have their headquarters operations in Delaware, along with a number of other major companies.

Sallie Mae
ILC Dover
W. L. Gore and Associates

Businesses choose Delaware because the state provides a complete package of incorporation services, along with:

  • Modern and flexible corporate laws, including benefit corporation legislation, and patent law expertise
  • The country’s leading Court of Chancery
  • A business-friendly state government
  • A customer service–oriented staff at the Delaware Division of Corporations
  • Easy access to New York City and Washington, D.C., the country’s centers of business and government

Major Companies with Delaware Headquarters:

  • DuPont Company, a Fortune 500 global science and technology company based in Wilmington
  • SLM BankCo—Sallie Mae (SLM Corp.), a new trending operations company
  • Navient, SLM Corp.’s new loan management, service and asset recovering company
  • AstraZeneca, a biopharmaceutical company, with U.S. headquarters in North Wilmington
  • W. L. Gore and Associates, the Newark-based inventor of GORE-TEX fabric
  • Incyte, a Wilmington-based biotechnology company
  • ILC Dover, a Frederica-based materials engineering and manufacturing firm
  • EDiS Company, a Wilmington-based construction management firm