Delaware’s Affordable Cost of Living

Delaware’s cost of living is considerably lower than many of its neighboring states in the northeastern region of the United States — making it one of the best places to live and work. The state has no sales taxes or state-level property taxes, which helps keep living expenses down.

In fact, thanks to our affordable cost of living, Delaware has the fourth-highest home ownership rate in the United States. From beach cottages to farmhouses and homes in historical settings or the city, there is a wide variety of housing options across the state.

Real Estate Value: April - June 2013

Location Average Price / Sq. Ft. Median Sales Price
Dover, DE $107 $175.000 Based on 73 home sales
Wilmington, DE $138 $225,000 Based on 147 home sales
Philadelphia, PA $150 $167,000 Based on 593 home sales
Trenton, NJ $133 $210,000 Based on 186 home sales
Boston, MA $325 $429,000 Based on 13 home sales
New York, NY $1,461 $1,225,000 Based on 631 home sales
Baltimore, MD $155 $210,000 Based on 977 home sales
Washington, DC $522 $550,000 Based on 1,368 home sales
Wilmington, NC $113 $195,000 Based on 509 home sales
Richmond, VA $150 $226,000 Based on 870 home sales

Source: Market Trends Report,

Cost of Living Index Comparison: 2015 Annual Average

Location Index
Dover, DE 99.7
Wilmington, DE 105.9
Philadelphia, PA 119.5
Newark, NJ 126.6
Boston, MA 144.3
New York, NY (Manhattan) 227.4
Baltimore, MD 112.8
Washington, DC 146.8
Wilmington, NC 97.1
Richmond, VA 94.9

Source: ACCRA Cost of Living Index, 2015 Annual Average Data